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We are stronger together. We are a tribe of sisters!

Welcome to the

Bold Bombshell Club

The Bold Bombshell Club, also known as the Bold Tribe, is a network of female trailblazers from all walks of life. Entrepreneurs, influencers, students, artists, mothers, and more, all working to lift and learn from one another on the way.
Women who are willing to work on themselves to be a bombshell for herself and to everyone around her. Who live their values, serve others, bring their best everywhere!

Why join the Club?

When women support each other, amazing things happen!! We lift each other up. We are stronger together. We are a tribe of sisters!
We lead with kindness, honesty, vulnerability, and a lot of strength. We are trailblazers from all walks of life.
This group of women displays emotions, vulnerability, and femininity unabashedly. The message is clear: women should be free to speak up, engage, share their stories, take risks, and BE BOLD.
Women helping women embrace their true selves is what the Bold Tribe is all about. By sharing her own story, Silvana has inspired other women to step up, reclaim their narratives, and build the lives they want.

Join the #tulletribe

The BOLD TRIBE flourishes as a community of like-minded women connecting deeply with each other, taking risks, and being bold.
All women and girls are welcome to join.
Follow us on Instagram @boldbombshellclub and join the tribe in our closed Facebook group, where women can share their successes and struggles in a safe place!
Drop us a line, ask a question, share your bold story with us, share a compliment ( we like those too).
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