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Hi! I’m Silvana
Hi! I’m
I’m a bold boss babe (and undercover nerd) obsessed with making the perfect pizza, kitchen dance parties, afternoon naps – oh – and supporting you in chasing your wildest dreams.
Who is the
Bold Bombshell?
I was born in a small town in Brazil, and it’s gorgeous mountains, beaches, and people will always have my heart. But I struggled to find my place.
I had a vibrant, sassy personality and never felt like I was who others, even my family, wanted me to be.

I knew I had potential, and I wanted to live a big life.
One full of adventure and achievement. I didn’t want to
follow the traditional path.

I immigrated to the U.S., worked my butt off, and found success! Then one day I realized I was checking the boxes on someone else’s list, not my own. I had made it in so many ways, but I felt like an imposter.

I remembered the fearless little girl I used to be. The one who never quite fit in. I had a breakthrough idea. I would wear a tulle skirt every day for 100 days in an attempt to find that little girl again.
That 100 days changed my life and inspired the Bold Tribe community. Join us as we celebrate the vibrant, bold, joyfulness of womanhood!

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Are you tired of waiting for people to notice you?

Have you ever sat in on a meeting and listened to someone else say what you were just thinking? Or watched a friend take a risk and then win big? Do you secretly know you have huge potential and quietly wish someone would just take notice?
I’ve spent years studying emotional intelligence and how it affects every facet of our lives. I was never a wallflower, but I’ve lived a completely uninspiring life where I felt like I was constantly playing by someone else’s rules.
My mission is to help women come alive. I want to help you feel truly invigorated and excited about your future. This could mean letting go of expectations holding you back from a meaningful relationship, having the guts to ask for a promotion, or even building your own business.
It’s time to stop waiting for your dreams to find you.
I’ll help you take them for yourself.
Finding my own brand of
Made in Brazil
Journey to America
Not so secret nerd
Forever an artist…
A new beginning…
For the love of tulle
New passion, new purpose!
And we’ll keep growing!


Growing up in a small farm town, I was expected to end my educational career with high school. Send me a DM and I’ll tell you about the fight I had with my dad about going to college.
In college, discovering how the brain works was a huge light bulb moment for me. I couldn’t get enough! I would ultimately graduate with a focus in design, but learning all I could about emotional intelligence became a lifelong passion.
I took a chance and headed to the U.S. as an exchange student, and quickly found my Prince Charming! Or so I thought. That’s another story for the DMs, but failed marriage or not, I was determined to stay in the U.S. and build a life for myself (even if I was still learning the language).
I built a decade long career working in Marketing an Design. I got to be creative, do fun things, and tbh, I was really good at it. But that dream job stopped feeling like my dream. I knew there was more for me!

Meanwhile, my passion for understanding, awareness, and learning how to boost brain power led me to life coaching. I worked with amazing coaches myself, and I started to dip my toes into coaching others.
I was putting in full time hours at my job, coaching on the side, and still felt stuck! The whimsy of a tulle skirt—an idea I almost passed on until a friend encouraged me to go for it—went viral, and the TulleTribe (later to become the Bold Tribe) was born.
Founding the TulleTribe sparked a new passion—helping women live authentically and chase their dreams without fear. Over time, we embraced the tulle skirt as a symbol of our boldness and expanded our tribe to include women who show their bold selves in all sorts of ways, joining together as the Bold Tribe.
As we expanded, I knew it was time to level up and help as many women as I could find their way on a bold new path. Speaking and launching my courses help to grow the reach of the work I feel called to do!


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