Silvana Favaretto

Let’s make a

BOLD statement!

I’m on a mission to inspire women and girls to live a bold and vibrant life. Let’s inspire your next audience!




Silvana Favaretto is a life coach dedicated to helping women discover their natural vibrance, without watering down their true selves.
With over a decade of study around emotional intelligence,
Silvana founded the women’s empowerment group The Bold Bombshell Club, speaks to women from all walks of life, and offers courses on harnessing your own bold femininity.
She initially graduated as a Visual Designer and built a successful career in that field, but her greatest masterpieces are the personal canvases on which she’s imprinted her boldness. Born in Brazil, Silvana moved to Chicago 16 years ago and started cutting away the superfluous things in her life that held her back: false narratives fueled by society’s expectations of what she, as a woman, should be. Instead, she focused on being her truest, most extraordinary self.

Today, Silvana inspires other women by embracing a childlike enthusiasm and zest for life as a woman. Her optimism and clarity about her own true self empower other women to chip away at their own timidity about who they are. She thrives in building other women up, and her broad strokes of bold have touched women across the country and been featured in the Chicago Tribune, Thrive Global,, Chicago Now, lifeUPlift, CS Magazine, and the One of a Kind Show.

The Bold Bombshell Club (former TulleTribe) is a network of female trailblazers from all walks of life—entrepreneurs, influencers, students, artists, mothers, and more—all working to lift and learn from one another on the way. These are women who are willing to do the inner work to be a bombshell for themselves and everyone around them, who live their values, serve others, bring their best everywhere!


Have your audience inspired by Silvana

As females, we have so many negative messages thrown at us on a daily basis. Those messages influence us either we are aware of them or not.
It takes a new kind of BOLD to break away from those unrealistic standards and create the life you desire.
I encourage women everywhere to take more risks, to speak up more, to be ok making mistakes, to embrace their feminity and be their boldest.
– Silvana
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